Initiative for Humanitarian Action (IHA), works to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in Uganda

Initiative for Humanitarian Action (IHA) together with the help of our humanitarian partners, individuals and benefactor contributions, assist and support the needs of vulnerable children and adults through a variety of life- changing and transforming social services; Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Shelter,Food security and Livelihood, Emergency and conflict for people in most need and those affected by disaster and conflict.

You can change the life of one person at a time

With your gift, talent or donation, you can help give hope and transform the life of one under privileged person in Uganda today.

Sponsor a child


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How to help to what is most needed

Join IHA and help bring hope and a future to vulnerable children, Women and Men in disadvantaged communities in Uganda. Even a dollar counts in changing the life of one vulnerable person!


Our charity work is done in partnership with local and national NGOs and institutions, and includes humanitarian aid, development projects and education support. Donations and support of people like you keep iHa programs running.

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iHa donate to help a child in uganda

Sponsor a Child

Your donation counts. With $40 a month you can help a child go to School and access quality education, scholastic materials, meals and get better health care.

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Give a Gift

Your simple gift helps to put a smile on vulnerable children, women and men in need of a better social social services. Your gift and Donation means a lot in making the world a better place by supporting iHa programs.

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